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Achieve Regulatory Compliance

DataNet customers are able to improve manufacturing profitability and lower the cost of regulatory compliance by using WinSPC as their real-time SPC solution. WinSPC offers customers in heavily regulated industries--like food and beverage, cosmetics, and life sciences--a cost-effective and precise method to assure safety, performance, and compliance. Transportation equipment providers, who must perform SPC as a requirement of ISO and TS certification, use real-time WinSPC as a fast, effective method to assure product quality while lowering their overall cost-of-compliance. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, over 80 percent of DataNet customers also report that WinSPC has helped them:

  • Increase product quality
  • Improve manufacturing yield
  • Reduce scrap, defects, waste or give-away
  • Improve manufacturing profitability

How one metal manufacturer reduces scrap and consistently meets quality compliance requirements

“This is by far the best tool we have used to look at our processes and make improvements. Over the past 4 years, WinSPC has been a key tool in helping us control our processes and meet compliance requirements from our customers.”

Quality Manager
Metal Manufacturer
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In order to become a supplier to the automotive industry, this steel and wire manufacturer had to not only assure product quality, but maintain the proper documentation required for certification. Because it was a small company, it needed to find a cost-effective way to maintain certification without putting the business in the red.

WinSPC gave them this capability. It offered simple, yet powerful SPC tools that “non-statisticians” could understand. Plus, the fast reporting tools allowed the company to quickly create and maintain the documentation necessary for certification. As a result, the company was able to improve profitability and meet its certification requirements. Using real-time SPC, the company reports it reduced scrap and rework by 30 percent, increased yield, and was able to recoup their software investment within six months.