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Improve Customer Satisfaction

DataNet customers report that WinSPC has helped them improve customer satisfaction through the reduction of return, recall, and warranty repair rates by as much as 35 percent. WinSPC allows companies to better control product quality by providing shop-floor operators with a tool to quickly and thoroughly detect inferior quality products before they are shipped to the customer. Because WinSPC tests quality throughout the manufacturing process, in real-time, companies are able to prevent defects from occurring in the first place, resulting in:

  • Higher yield
  • Lower defects, scrap and waste
  • Improved product quality
  • Higher manufacturing profitability

How the #1 manufacturer of power tools consistently assures customer satisfaction using WinSPC

To consistently achieve their goal of high customer satisfaction, the world's #1 manufacturer of power tools focuses on maintaining high levels of product quality. To assure a high level of manufacturing process quality, it relies on Six Sigma, WinSPC and QualTrend.

“The SPC system fits well into our Six Sigma initiatives and goals. WinSPC is intuitive and easy to follow. Data can be extracted from the WinSPC database very quickly without long report building.”

Quality Engineer
Power Tools Manufacturer
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In a pilot program targeting one plant, the company used Six Sigma to identify two stages of its manufacturing process that were creating the highest PPM defect metrics. It installed WinSPC on the shop floor to collect, monitor, control, and analyze real-time process data. They used WinSPC because it was able to collect and correlate process data from a wide variety of devices, machines and legacy manufacturing systems. Plus, WinSPC and QualTrend offered advanced statistical analysis tools preferred by the company's Six Sigma professionals.

As a result, the plant reduced the PPM defect metrics by twenty percent and increased product yield, prompting the company to present it internally as a "best practice." Since the pilot program, the company has implemented real-time SPC across its entire power tool division.

How you can use WinSPC and QualTrend to improve customer satisfaction:

  • Reduce product defects
  • Create and manage corporate-wide quality KPIs
  • Lower recall and warranty repair rates
  • Conduct advanced statistical analysis across a variety of data sources
  • Alert operators of out-of-control process
  • Create sustainable methods of quality assurance