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Case Studies

The world's finest manufacturers achieve their quality goals with DataNet software and services.

Arkwright, Inc. cuts waste and improves manufacturing profitability

  • Reduced product waste & materials by 10-15%
  • Improved productivity by 224 hours per month
  • Expanded SPC capabilities by 50%

"WinSPC has proven to be effective & efficient. When investigating the amount of time spent reviewing data using our old system, compared to WinSPC, we were astonished. WinSPC's graphical interface & ease of use resulted not only in improved process & product quality, but in man-hour time savings. This has been a critical step in the continuation of Arkwright's Six Sigma project management initiatives & the company's commitment to quality."

Shannon Tiso
Quality Control



Stanley Black & Decker produces saw blades a cut above thanks to WinSPC

  • Attained a return on its software investment in six months
  • Reduced PPM defect metrics and rework by 20%
  • Optimized process conditions achieving higher yields
  • Presented to all of Black & Decker as a "Best Practice"

"The SPC System fits well into our Six Sigma initiatives and goals. WinSPC is intuitive and easy to follow. Data can be extracted from the WinSPC database very quickly without long report building."

Simon Barrett
Quality Engineer



Pudding manufacturing hits sweet spot thanks to WinSPC

  • Solved fill weight problems in one-thrid the time by being able to predict problems through trending analysis
  • Reduced down time and increased yields
  • Attained ROI in three months
  • Reduced unnecessary machinery cycles Enabled the staff to run very lean sure to automated data collection

“It’s critical to know each pudding cup’s weight and how it’s trending to prevent a runaway problem. WinSPC pays for itself by eliminating just one of these types of problems.”

Quality Manager
Grocery Products Company



Dana Corporation drives up supplier quality with QualTrend

  • Attained ROI in less than 6 months
  • Experienced nearly a 50% reduction in supplier PPM
  • Supported balanced scorecard electronically by automating the aggregation and analysis of data
  • Improved resource utilization resulting in a manpower reduction

"In addition to increased resource utilization and a return on software product [QualTrend] investment in less than six months, Dana has decreased its inbound supplier part per million defect metrics by almost 50%. Reduced supplier defects translates into additional bottom-line savings during production, increased product yields and higher customer satisfaction."

Mining The World of Quality Data
Quality Magazine



GAFMC raises the roof on increased product reliability and productivity with WinSPC

  • Attained ROI in 4 months
  • Reduced variances by 39.5%
  • Increased end-product reliability
  • Increased productivity and reduced down time

"WinSPC integrated easily into our processes and helped us to monitor and improve product quality and reliability. Since implementing WinSPC, we have seen a variance reduction of 39.5%."

Chris Valier
Low Slope Manager, CQA



Loos & Co., Inc. reels in scrap & rework with WinSPC

  • Attained ROI in 6 months
  • Reduced scrap and rework by 30%
  • Increased process yields
  • Increased productivity and reduced inventory
  • Reduced process variation

"This is by far the best tool we have used to look at our processes and make improvements. Over the past 4 years, WinSPC has been a key tool in helping us control our processes and meet QS9000 compliance requirements from our customers."

Steve Fairfield
Quality Manager



Nestle Purina PetCare delivers full value with help from WinSPC

  • Established precise package content volume control
  • Easily implemented WinSPC at two new plants

“The amount the company saved with WinSPC by controlling amounts as small as a teaspoon raised some eyebrows. Profit margins can be measured in very small amounts in a large scale manufacturing setting.”

Steve Huey
Process Engineer



Trane indoor comfort systems achieves high quality and cool savings with WinSPC

  • Attained ROI in 4 months
  • Reduced annual scrap cost by 50%
  • Significantly improved first-pass yields
  • Instilled greater operator pride
  • Sustained Six Sigma improvements through ongoing control

"WinSPC has the Six Sigma tools that I need to make break-through improvements. It also ensures that our improvements simply won't fade away in a couple months. WinSPC keeps our processes under control and reduces scrap by 50% annually."

Stan Crockett
Six Sigma Black Belt Engineer



Semiconductor and Microelectronics R&D Laboratory Improves Productivity and Reduces Process Variability

  • Reduced variability
  • Eliminated waste
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Increased machine utilization
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced time-to-market

"WinSPC has helped me to look critically at our processes and machines to better understand the reasons behind process variability. It has allowed me to analyze it, quantify it, and create a more reliable and efficient process.”

Process Engineer
Semiconductor and Microelectronics R&D Laboratory


Automotive components manufacturer drives up first pass yield metrics thanks to WinSPC

  • Increased first pass yields from 81% to more than 91%
  • Attained ROI in less than 3 months
  • Reduced rework and scrap
  • Sustained Six Sigma improvements through ongoing control

“By using WinSPC’s trending capabilities we were able to adjust out process to keep it in control and centered. WinSPC’s plant monitoring capabilities help us to detect problems as they happen rather than waiting for a paper trail.” 

Six Sigma Black Belt
Automotive Components Manufacturer



Teledyne Microwave Solutions drives improvement at the point of production

  • Gained the ability to detect and control process changes at the point of production
  • Saved $250,000 in a year on a single characteristic, by combining WinSPC's process control with an in-depth regression analysis tool
  • Gained the ability to search and quickly analyze production data
  • Drastically reduced time spent administering SPC efforts by centralizing data in a single database

"Using WinSPC, we can detect flaws long before the product is fully assembled, which prevents scrapping or reworking a very expensive product. Because of this, our quality efforts easily pay for themselves."

Charles Brown
Six Sigma Master Black Belt