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Data Protection & Security

Best-in-class security and data protection…

It’s no secret that securing data is important though sometimes difficult. WinSPC cloud deployments utilize protective technologies and practices that provide maximum security, enabling you to focus worry-free on your quality goals.

  • Your virtual servers, their Internet addresses, database and software installation are yours alone. They exist on a private network, they are not shared with other WinSPC cloud customers, and they reject all traffic not received from the addresses and ports you explicitly specify.  They are, for the most part, invisible to the world.
  • Only authorized Amazon personnel can physically access your servers.  The equipment running your solutions are locked-down in world-class datacenters running the most demanding solutions in the world.  Not even we can gain physical access to your servers.
  • Your database, data and backups never coexist with those of other customers.  Every customer’s virtual space is entirely isolated and redundant.
  • Standard WinSPC cloud deployments employ the highly secure Remote Desktop Protocol technology for servers 2012 and newer. They do not use web browsers or web servers and consequently are not subject to the security holes in these technologies. (Note: Upon request, browser-based WinSPC cloud deployments are possible. They are just not the standard offering.)
  • Access to your view or change your system configuration requires two-factor authenticated devices tied to named users.  Access to the virtual servers requires access from a specified location.
  • For customers with a need for a secure environment beyond the realm of commercial best practices, there is a government tier available at additional cost.  Implementing your servers in this center requires additional time to authorize and authenticate the participants who must access that tier.  Please inquire.