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Go Beyond Traditional SaaS

And a few unexpected benefits…

While the standard cloud benefits are great, we’ve baked-in a few WinSPC-specific enhancements to offer even more value. For example:

  • User View Options: You can choose what your users see when they connect to your WinSPC cloud deployment. You can have users see only WinSPC. You can have them see WinSPC and one or more select applications. Or you have them see a personal Windows desktop.
  • Active Directory Support: If your company manages users with Microsoft Active Directory, you can sync to your WinSPC Hosted Solution, thus eliminating all need for separate user creation and management.
  • Geographic Optimization: We continually monitor the responsiveness experienced by your users and can re-situate your deployment to the geographic region that offers the best performance.
  • Transparent Redeployment: Hardware error correction will transparently redeploy any of your WinSPC cloud service components n the rare event your underlying hardware fails or slows beyond acceptable minimums.
  • Daily Database Backups: Your deployment’s database is automatically backed up on a daily basis, more frequently if your circumstances warrant it. Backups are stored in isolated replication centers or transferred to a location of your choosing.
  • Sandbox Cloning: Whenever you need it, we can clone your deployment into a private partitioned sandbox that you can safely use to confirm or test upgrades, experiment with new configurations, train users, verify custom integration and apps, and launch pilot projects—all without interfering one bit with your production environment.