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QualTrend Manufacturing Intelligence

Transform data into enterprise business metrics

Mine and synthesize data from a variety of real-time and historical databases

QualTrend pulls together necessary data from various sources and locations, allowing you to develop enterprise-wide picture of your product and process performance. Designed to be used with or without WinSPC, QualTrend reaches out to virtually any or all of your manufacturing databases to synthesize your real-time or historical data and deliver manufacturing statistics to your desktop.


Monitor your worldwide enterprise from a single web page

Using QualTrend's multiple-level Digital Dashboard, quality teams can monitor a worldwide enterprise or any of its facets from a single screen. The dashboard condenses complex information down to a simple "traffic-light" style display that lets you quickly identify any variances at a glance. This helps you proactively deal with the most important problems first. Green, yellow and red indicators let you know what demands your immediate attention.


Conduct statistical analysis and create enterprise-level scorecards via the web

Perform comparisons, set goals, establish thresholds and monitor key continuous improvement efforts and share them across the company. QualTrend applies your business rules to raw data then delivers the results to your web browser in easy-to-read reports, charts and graphs. Plus, QualTrend offers six sigma professionals, managers, and statisticians a web-based, high-end statistical analysis tool to perform advanced analysis across your organization’s data sets.


Generate enterprise-level quality reports for customers, suppliers, and corporate management

Automate quality reporting to management, suppliers and customers. Whether it’s hourly production summaries for a plant manager, or a custom certificate of analysis for each of your customers, QualTrend offers easy tools to deliver professional, timely reports over the web.