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Monitor product and process quality over the internet

QualTrend’s dashboard highlights problem areas in a color-coded, convenient format to let you know what processes require your immediate attention.

With QualTrend's multiple-level Digital Dashboard, you can monitor a worldwide enterprise or any of its branches from a single screen. The Dashboard condenses complex information into a simple "traffic-light" display that lets you identify variances at a glance and helps you prioritize the activities that require attention.

Alarming and auto-notification

QualTrend automatically notifies key personnel of out-of-control conditions through on-screen, email or pager alerts. These alerts are based on predefined rules, severity levels and events. Alarm notification lets you and your team stay on top of any operation from any location.

Drill-Down for the complete picture

In addition to high-level summaries, QualTrend lets you drill down to view underlying details. This enables you to rapidly pinpoint and and begin an analysis of problems.