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Real-Time Statistical Process Control Software

WinSPC V9 delivers a new look with new capabilities

To compete in today's global economy, manufacturers must find new ways to cut costs while consistently delivering the highest quality product.

WinSPC provides a proven, effective way for manufacturers to:

  • Quickly Improve Quality
  • Reduce Variation
  • Monitor for Production or Process Changes
  • Increase Profitability

WinSPC runs in real-time, collecting data on the shop floor, to deliver actionable process information directly to shop floor operators or to quality engineers, supervisors, and management.

WinSPC is the real-time process control tool of choice for manufacturers requiring a best-in-class solution because WinSPC provides deeper real-time SPC capability than quality modules or other process control software products.

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  • Increase manufacturing profitability:
    WinSPC allows you to improve your overall responsiveness and efficiency, resulting in a lower cost of quality.
  • Improve process performance and product quality:
    WinSPC gives you the power to prevent process errors that lead to defects, allowing you to consistently deliver the highest quality product.
  • Minimize variation, waste, scrap, and rework:
    WinSPC allows your team to identify and reduce unwanted variation, resulting in less waste, scrap and rework.
  • Minimize response time:
    WinSPC delivers immediate, actionable information to personnel, allowing them to act, correct, and minimize process variation in real time.
  • Improve customer satisfaction:
    WinSPC helps you to assure a consistent, high-quality product, minimize warranty repairs, and quickly deliver comprehensive reports to your customers about your process and the quality of your goods.
  • Meet regulatory requirements:
    WinSPC enables audit-ability across your processes, is FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant, and provides a simple cost-effective way to meet ISO, TS, FDA and USDA requirements.
  • Get going quickly without programming:
    WinSPC is designed for easy setup through the visual configuration of familiar objects in a tree-view, typically with no programming required. WinSPC is designed to be configured, managed, and upgraded by Quality professionals.

Core Capabilities

New in Version 9

  • WinSPC V9 has a completely new lookA contemporary new look at every level
    WinSPC V9 has a completely updated look and feel. Actions are standardized and behaviors simplified throughout. Users gain more control over their workspace with an interface that is new, yet still familiar. The result is a more productive and consistent experience regardless of the context.
  • Version 9 includes a dashboard visualization modeA new dashboard visualization mode
    A new integral Dashboard Mode delivers a complete framework for organizing diverse status information into a single view. Assemble dashboards of charts and widgets that reorder based on data collection activity or violations, then send alerts about production status.  Diverse stakeholders can now be integrated directly into the live information flow with a dashboard customized to their needs.
  • Expanded attribute analysis and charting toolsNew attribute analysis and reporting tools
    WinSPC V9 brings the power of the WinSPC analysis engine to attribute users. Build data filters, data sets and charts to enhance your views, reports and dashboards with attribute data integration.
  • A new archiving engine transforms this capabilityNew archiving engine and options
    A completely new server-side archiving engine permits sophisticated management schedules and schemes to automate your data retention plans. Archives can now target live Oracle and Microsoft databases that persist in the administrator tree for you to recreate customer reports or to revisit retired production projects using all the power of WinSPC.
  • Active Directory integrationMicrosoft Active Directory integration for WinSPC users
    WinSPC now permits integration of its user management subsystem with the local Microsoft Active Directory domain to achieve unified user control and the benefits of single-sign-on. Separate or mixed user management is now readily configurable by you.
  • Expanded database and Windows installation security supportUpdated installation simplifies database and Windows Security integration
    Version 9 includes full integration with Windows User Access Control and follows installation best practices for platforms like Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services. Likewise MS-SQL 2012 and Oracle 11g are fully tested and supported on Version 9.
  • Expanded file exchange and integrationExpanded file integration and data exchange handling
    WinSPC V9 has expanded its handling of files containing specifications or data to streamline interoperability with external systems. Explore new ways to bring in foreign data, visually map the contents of common files such as XLSX to internal destinations, or export status about production for processing by outside systems.
  • Visual tools for localization and end-user customizationNew visual tools for localization and end-user customization
    WinSPC V9 contains a new visual localization and language string editing tool. This greatly simplifies the process of customizing the user experience for the specific needs of your enterprise.  Whether you need to harmonize WinSPC with specific internal terminology or build custom languages for specific stations or users, this tool can simplify that task.


 Download a detailed description of What's New in WinSPC Version 9 (4.6MB 115-Page PDF)

 Download the current Version 9 release summary document ReadMe-902 (650KB 9-Page PDF)