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Interactivity - Transformations at your Fingertips

Single Touch Explorations of Production Data.

Whether you seek detailed presentations of part and characteristic information or single touch access to five deeper views of the supporting data, WinSPC Envision enables an unparalleled view of your production process from wherever you happen to be.

WinSPC Envision is preconfigured to give you immediate access to the answers most commonly required when away from the plant floor.  Standard views include control charts, comprehensive data listings, histograms with capability statistics, and normality tests of your data.

Discover and explore the SPC data behind production events without having to visit the source or your workstation, all through the power of WinSPC Envision.

Deeper Context through Flyovers.

When using browsers that support flyovers, WinSPC Envision's six views expand with pertinent context data as you hover over elements of interest.

Active regions expand and highlight pertinent background information about your WinSPC data within that context.

Flyovers provide an easy way to decide if you want to dive deeper without having to leave the current view. Simply hover or tap on an active element for additional details about the value or condition indicated.