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Perform Statistical Analysis

Make better, faster decisions with integrated point-of-production analysis and advanced statistical analysis tools

To continually understand, interpret, and improve product and process quality, manufacturers require advanced statistical analysis tools and access to timely manufacturing data. WinSPC and Custom Web Reporter™ provide a rich set of SPC and SQA analysis tools to enable point-of-production and historical statistical analysis. Because WinSPC collects and stores all plant floor data, companies are able to retain data integrity and reproduce analysis at any time.


  • Perform point-of-production and historical statistical analysis
  • Make fast, data-driven decisions
  • Quickly turn shop-floor manufacturing data into actionable intelligence
  • Support Six Sigma and the DMAIC process
  • Retain data integrity and reproduce advanced analysis at any time
  • Export data to a variety of industry standard tools


Perform real-time SPC analysis on the shop-floor
WinSPC provides powerful in-line analysis capabilities, allowing engineers to quickly understand, interpret and improve processes on-the-fly. Engineers can view aggregate data from across all workstations, or slice and dice data in a variety of ways. Some of the charts available for in-line analysis include:

Control charts
  • X-bar & R
  • X-bar & S
  • X-MR
  • Median & R
  • P
  • Np
  • C
  • U
  • Q
SPC charts
  • Tabular Cusum
  • EWMA chart
  • EWMV
  • EWMS
  • Time Series
Short run charts
  • Z & W
  • Difference & MR
  • Z-bar & S
  • Difference-bar & R
Other charts
  • Run charts
  • Pareto charts
  • Frequency histograms
  • Process capability studies
  • Scatter diagrams
  • Box and Whisker charts
Get a complete profile of your data with a single click

  • View a full range of summary statistics from a single screen
  • Drill down for detailed views
  • Sort, group, and filter data to reveal issues and draw conclusions
  • Slice and dice data and perform "what-if" scenarios
  • Manipulate the options that affect your statistical calculations like subgroup size, data range, distribution type, and more
  • Review all the events (from the WinSPC event log) that are connected to an individual variable
  • Run reports
  • Analyze your processes with a Kurtosis vs. Skew graph to classify their behavior using the Pearson, Johnson, and Classical families of distributions

Expose hidden process issues
Harness the capability of WinSPC's data set builder to get a macroscopic view of your entire operation. Perform cross-product queries and filter and sort data by common constraints like machine number, date, user, station, and type of control test violated. In this way, you can answer your most pressing quality questions:

  • Are we watching the right processes?
  • What's not raising alarms, but should be?
  • What changes have gone unnoticed?
  • What requires my attention?
  • Is the process as efficient as it can be?
  • What improvements will yield the greatest value?

Watch a 4-minute overview of WinSPC's new Data Set feature
Copy/paste data from WinSPC into other applications
When viewing data in a chart, users can use the Windows copy/paste function to select the data represented in the chart and paste it into another application, such as Microsoft Excel, Minitab, and other analysis tools.
Build and store queries to automate routine data analysis
Set up and save standard statistical queries to graphically view your data in a variety of meaningful ways. For instance, a quality engineer can set up and save a query to view a weekly management summary of defects. This provides a productive, time- saving way for engineers to perform routine analyses across a variety of processes. Engineers can build and store queries for parts, processes, tags, subgroups, size, time, date, characteristics, and more.
Apply a distribution analyzer
The WinSPC distribution analyzer allows engineers to examine a data set to determine if it is statistically sound. WinSPC offers the Pearson, Johnson, and Classical distribution systems, allowing engineers to graphically displays data using a histogram, kurtosis vs. skew, and probability plot chart.
Perform unified data analysis across multiple WinSPC workstations
WinSPC allows you to perform unified SPC analysis across multiple workstations to gain a comprehensive view of your process. For instance, using WinSPC's analysis tool you can determine the overall capability of a process that is performed on multiple production lines. Alternatively, you can determine the process capability of each production line independently. This allows companies to create performance benchmarks and understand how independent factors, such as operators, influence product quality.

Custom Web Reporter Custom Web Reporter

WinSPC's CWR™ is an analytics, graphics, and reporting engine used to perform advanced statistical quality analysis and create dynamic, web-based reports. It is designed to quickly deliver customized reports for WinSPC customers that have unique, complex processes. CWR works seamlessly with WinSPC to transform shop floor data into manufacturing intelligence and publish on-demand, web-based reports.
Perform advanced statistical analysis
WinSPC's Custom Web Reporter offers a complete set of advanced statistical analysis tools and rich graphics to support manufacturers with complex, unique processes and/or custom Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, and Lean Manufacturing requirements. It allows manufacturers to perform custom analyses and transform shop-floor data into manufacturing intelligence.
Customize analytical routines Customize analytical routines
Customize procedures and produce reports ideally suited to your needs. Using custom macros, users automate analytical operations like performing routine data analysis, creating shift reports, and publishing reports to the web.
Read and write data to/from a variety of formats Import and export data to/from a variety of sources and industry-standard analysis tools

  • Any ODBC 3.0 compliant database
  • ASCII or binary files
  • Microsoft Excel (*.xls) and Access (*.mdb)
  • Lotus 1-2-3 (*.wk*)
  • dBase, FoxPro, Clipper (*.dbf)
  • QuattroPro (*.wq*, *.wb*)
  • SAS (*.sd2, *.xpt)
  • Statistica (*.sta)
  • Jmp (*.jmp)
  • SPSS (*.sav, *.por)
  • Stata (*.dta)
  • Comma Separated Values (*.csv)
  • Tab Delimited (*.txt)
  • Paradox (*.db)
  • Systat (*.sys)
  • Matlab (*.mat)
  • Minitab (*.mtv)

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