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Systems Integration Services

Share your data between WinSPC and other critical manufacturing applications such as MES, ERP, HMI, or LIMS systems. Our team offers proven integration success with SAP, Oracle, Delmia, Wonderware, GE Proficy, Plex, MS Dynamics, AspenTech, Factory Link, Labview, and many more.

CMM Integration Solutions

In most implementations, CMM data is read into WinSPC using built-in masking functionality without the need for customization. For implementations where a tighter integration is desired, DataNet engineers can quickly create a zero-administration solution that dynamically creates new parts and collects data in WinSPC automatically from CMM output. These solutions run unattended and provide the speed and flexibility needed to keep on top of changes in a complex manufacturing environment.

Data Migration Services

Data migration services are not required for most WinSPC implementations. However, if you have data or setup information in a legacy SPC software system or in Microsoft Excel, we can help migrate and preserve data for historic analysis to reduce the initial cost of building a new system. DataNet services team can help migrate both raw measurement data and configuration data such as parts, variables, spec limits, attributes, and tag values.