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Customer Specific Solutions

Diverse installations drive incredible power and configurability.

WinSPC has been applied to thousands of practical manufacturing problems by an incredibly diverse set of customers and industries. Customer-driven refinements have resulted in a product that is easily configurable for its intended use and handles the majority of customer needs with no technical assistance or customization whatsoever. But more importantly, this experience has also demonstrated that even the most complete package does not suit everyone.

Ready to run right out of the box, but also customizable for whatever you have in mind.

Unlike the majority of customizable enterprise solutions that must be professionally modified before they can be used, WinSPC is designed to install, operate and be administered without the need for customization or professional assistance. In every practical sense WinSPC is developed and validated as if it is a "shrink wrapped" product – but it’s one that also happens to be customizable.

Everyone envisions how an ideal solution would operate -- now you can build it.

Ideally, new system owners desire the functionality, cost and stability of a mature best-of-breed offering that just happens to operate as if they built it themselves. WinSPC delivers on this vision through its time-tested functionality, while also remaining programmable and extendable to provide a custom experience. Working with our experienced solutions team, manufacturers design and build out the differences that make this best-in-class solution into the ideal solution.

Below are popular classes of solutions built by or for our customers. Contact your WinSPC Solution Specialist to discuss your needs and to define the solution that will realize your ultimate vision.

Creating production interfaces for floor operators

Create a fully custom operator screen.

Create familiar interfaces that reflect operator expectations and work-flows.

Because even the most intuitive new interface is still a new interface.

WinSPC Application Engineers are often asked to leverage the WinSPC programming framework to provide station specific operator interfaces that mimic existing systems or work-flows. This enhances operator compliance and data collection accuracy while reducing training costs. These solutions can integrate outside systems, create document driven work-flows or leverage site specific assets to achieve a familiar experience for each operator or station. Meanwhile, all other users of the WinSPC system can leverage this data, analysis, tests, events, dashboards and reports using the full power of the new WinSPC installation. You can really freeze time for one set of users while empowering others to discover new efficiencies and opportunities.

Accessing existing manufacturing information and data

A simple status display for a custom integration.

Integrate existing sources of production information to magnify its usefulness, reduce delays and eliminate critical errors.

Because you were already manufacturing long before the latest Quality initiative arrived, we need to leverage the systems and investments you have in place.

WinSPC is designed with simple visual tools that enable any administrator to map outside sources of data into virtual data collection devices and plans. Other standard capabilities, such as user management, can be integrated with Microsoft Active Directory in just a few clicks. But even if you need a specialized solution that integrates your MES, ERP or other production system, often the best solution is a focused add-on module to make that additional capability appear seamless. WinSPC empowers this path as well with an open database and automation interfaces that permit your team to program a solution that meets the specific need. Alternatively, you can hire a WinSPC Application Engineer to develop a custom module that integrates your information flows with those of your WinSPC users without the cost, complexity or risk of a full custom solution. In addition, the resulting integration module is covered under a regular software maintenance agreement.  Thus DataNet stands by the module’s continued functioning when upgrading to future WinSPC releases.

Crafting specialized status views for stakeholders

A simple chart grid with color coded station status.

Build custom views instead of custom software to get the outputs you need to succeed.

Because every manufacturing stakeholder has unique interests and needs, give each person exactly the information he or she requires for decision making.

WinSPC is loaded with report and dashboard templates that reflect common scenarios encountered by existing customers. Many times you can find an included template that, with a couple of mouse clicks, delivers the answers your stakeholders desire. And because these reports and dashboards are built within WinSPC using its native visual tools, you are able to create, modify and extend these templates to monitor and display whatever you need.

In addition, WinSPC Application Engineers can give you a head-start by building custom views for your management or stakeholders that contain just what they need to see. Whether these replicate current big-board status dashboards for an entire plant floor or reflect simple standardized shift summaries for supervisors, you can get exactly what your stakeholders expect.  These new views are built with the same report and dashboard tools that are inherent in every WinSPC station, so you can change them as your needs and experience grow.

Reporting production outcomes and compliance exactly as required

Process capability and control status on a single page.

Schedule automated regulatory compliance or customer-specific reports to match the exact format and reporting frequency required; eliminate the ongoing effort and opportunity for errors in ad-hoc report-building.

What good is a compliance system that doesn't also automate the compliance reporting and create the customer documentation for you?

Often a set of automated compliance reports can pay for your entire system investment. Every WinSPC installation has the ability to eliminate large amounts of repetitive labor and reporting compliance risks. Included are a number of options for outputting information about production events, process capabilities and changes for external stakeholders or systems. This is a core capability of WinSPC that rivals dedicated reporting tools. But sometimes what you want is your exact requirement or customer report created for you by experts. WinSPC Application Engineers can quickly build the reports you and your customers expect within WinSPC so you can immediately begin to realize the true value of this system. As always, these are created with the tools inherent to WinSPC and as your experience grows and needs change, you can modify these without needing to call DataNet for assistance.