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Advanced Design of Experiments

This course is conducted by quality experts and practitioners at Integral Concepts, our training partner. It builds on the fundamental DOE concepts and experimental designs learned in the Design of Experiments course. This course teaches participants how to efficiently build upon results obtained from screening (e.g. fractional factorial) experiments. More advanced experimental designs necessary for optimizing processes are covered in detail. It is assumed that participants have taken Design of Experiments (or equivalent).

To sign up for this course, contact Integral Concepts at (248) 884-2276.

Location: Your Facility

Seminar Outline

Review of DOE Basics

  • Review of Definitions
  • Review of Factorial Designs
  • Review of Design Resolution

Unreplicated Designs

  • Identifying Significant Effects
  • Review of Model Development

Reflected Designs

  • Reflected Designs to Improve Resolution
  • Mathematical Model Development

Multi-level Designs & Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

  • Fixed Effect Model
  • Random Effects Model
  • Mixed Effects Model

Nesting & Blocking

  • Description of Nested Factors
  • Analysis of Nested Factors
  • Description of Blocking Variables
  • Designs with Blocking Variables
  • Split-Plot Designs


  • Multi-Level Designs
  • Central Composite Designs
  • Response Surface Methods

Missing Data

  • Preventing Missing Responses
  • Analyzing Incomplete Data Sets

Mixture Designs

  • Simplex Lattice Designs and Models
  • Simplex Centroid Designs and Models